Featured Recipe: Bourbon Beef Tips

This simple dinner recipe will please the pickiest of eaters and impress the harshest of critics. Grass-fed beef sirloin is smothered in a simple sauce made […]

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Featured Recipe: Maple Roasted Butternut Squash

With Fall just around the corner, we are trying out some delicious spiced recipes that are sure to get you in the spirit. This one, in […]

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Featured Recipe: Chocolate Nut Butter Mousse

This new simple recipe has become a family favorite this past week. Lightly sweetened with a real food sweetener and packed with nutrient dense ingredients like […]

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Feature Recipe: Chocolate Chip Coconut Pound Cake

According to Dr. Brown,  refined sugar and artificial sweeteners cause havoc in the body and are best avoided. Pure maple syrup and raw, organic honey, however, […]

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Featured Recipe: Veggie Gratin

Looking for another unique and delicious side dish? Look no further because this Dr. Brown approved Veggie Gratin is hearty, flavorful, and nutrient-dense. It is easy […]

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Featured Recipe: Paleo Bacon-Wrapped Sausage

In my house, we are always looking for new finger foods that are both Dr. Brown approved AND kid approved. These bacon-wrapped sausage links are just […]

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Featured Recipe: Homemade Seasoned Salt

Jarred seasonings aren’t really something I regularly think about containing harmful ingredients … I mean, it’s just spices, right? Well, as it turns out, many pre-packaged […]

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Featured Recipe: Strawberry Flat Cakes

If you need to add another quick breakfast to your rotation, this unique recipe is packed with protein and rather delicious. Cooks like a pancake, tastes […]

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