Mint Chocolate Yumminess…

So it’s that time of year again where all the cute little Girl Scouts come around and taunt us real food eaters everywhere we look with tasty […]

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Featured Recipe: Bacon Sandwich

Hey everyone! Today I’m featuring a super yummy creation that my friend (and right hand woman), Celia, introduced to me! Over the past three weeks, the […]

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My Top Ten Must-Have Remedies!

I’m going to take a little detour from our scrumptious recipe features and shed light on one of my absolute favorite subjects… natural medicine! So as […]

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Featured Recipe: Grainless Italian Breadsticks

Hey guys… So in creating the meal plans for the upcoming month, I stumbled upon the best paleo Italian dough recipe I’ve tried. I know a […]

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Featured Recipe: Artichoke Crusted Sirloin With Mushroom Sauce

Seriously, y’all. This recipe. Oh. Em. Gee. We have made this about 3 different times in our house in the last year, and each time I […]

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Featured Recipe: Guiltless Chocolate Cupcakes

Hey all, This chocolate cupcake recipe has been much anticipated by all my friends because it is absolutely divine. Celia and I discovered it about a […]

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Tying It All Together!

Hey friends, Today’s post is going to be a little different because I plan to just pour my heart out and share what’s on my mind […]

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Featured Recipe: Green Bean Casserole

So continuing on with the paleo friendly holiday dishes… this week’s featured recipe is Green Bean Casserole! I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty this recipe […]

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