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I hope everyone has been enjoying the start to the holiday season! As promised {albeit much later than I had hoped}, I can finally share the newly updated version of “The Dr. Brown Diet.”

These are the recommendations of our very own holistic health expert, Dr. David Brown.  In his practice and at Marpé, we believe that the most foundational step you can take toward a holistic lifestyle is changing your diet to include the foods found in more traditional cultures of the past and to exclude all the overly processed, high sugar, high trans fat foods we see in the common western diet of today. Dr. Brown’s diet most resembles that of the “paleo” diet, but with even more attention to food pairing and meal/snack timing for optimal digestion and absorption. He brings his unique  professional perspective to what, when, and why we should eat or avoid certain foods. One day we hope to provide even more reference materials for further explanation, but for now, check out this quick handout that puts it all in a nutshell for us. Please print it out and keep it handy! Feel free to comment on this post with questions! {Printer friendly version here.}


I am working on some “Real Food Tips” to supplement the handout above. It is my hope to provide “Dr. Brown approved” dietary advise that can easily be implemented into the busy lifestyle of the ordinary person {especially other mamas like me!} We realize that we are all in different stages of our journey toward holistic living and hope we can be a resource every step of the way! So be looking for that in the upcoming weeks.

Also, I have a surprise for you all in my next blog post, so I am super excited for the reveal! Make sure to stay tuned so you don’t miss it!

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