Cauliflower Never Looked So Good: 10 Recipes That Will Wow You

Written By Julie Paiva, CHHC   Cauliflower is rich in health-promoting phytochemicals, has a high level of anti-inflammatory compounds, and can ward off cancer, heart disease, […]

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Self-Love: Time to Be Your Own Valentine

Written By Julie Paiva, CHHC   Did you ever pass out little candy hearts to your friends as a kid? “Be Mine”, “Love Me”, “You’re The One”, […]

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Wellness is a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Getting Real About Choosing Health

Written By Julie Paiva, CHHC   Do you or people you know say this time of year “I need to eat better”? Making changes in your […]

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Super Bowl Snack Challenge: 10 Paleo-Friendly, Crowd-Pleasing Recipes

Written By Julie Paiva, CHHC   The Super Bowl is all about football, commercials, and most importantly, food.  In many people eyes, it’s also the championship […]

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Holy Guacamole: 7 Ways to Serve this Game Day Favorite

Written by Julie Paiva, CHHC   Everyone loves a tasty plate of guac and chips.  Good guacamole doesn’t take a lot of time or ingredients to […]

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Superfoods for your Little Superheros: Ways to Increase Your Child’s Vegetable Intake

Written by Julie Paiva, CHHC   Most parents know, fruit and vegetable intake during childhood not only helps support healthy growth and immunity, but it also […]

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Self-Care: Make 2018 The Year of YOU!

Written by Julie Paiva, CHHC   When reflecting back on 2017, do you feel like you spent most of the year tending to everyone’s needs but […]

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The Road to Success: Feeling Empowered in 2018

Written by Julie Paiva, CHHC   We all start the year with ambitious goals.  However, how many of us throw in the towel after only a […]

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