Featured Recipe: Blueberry Salad

This week we are featuring something light and healthy to welcome Spring time! This salad, although simple to prepare, boasts several layers of flavor that will […]

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Featured Recipe: Paleo Peach Cobbler

Celia has been busy cooking up recipes with her newest find from Whole Foods… paleo pancake mix! This mix by Birch Benders is 100% Dr. Brown […]

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Featured Recipe: Cauliflower Sweet Potato Tortillas

Celia has recently discovered the goodness that is the Japanese sweet potato. With it’s mild whitish-yellow color, it is the perfect sweet potato to create tortillas […]

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Featured Recipe: Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms

For some reason, stuffed mushrooms just look fancy and impressive to me. I always feel like a real pro when I make them and serve them. […]

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Featured Recipe: Cashew Chicken Stir-Fry

Asian-inspired cuisine is definitely a family favorite around here, and this recipe did NOT disappoint! Sauce that is both spicy and sweet + bite size chicken […]

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Featured Recipe: Breakfast Protein Cups

Confession: breakfast is the hardest meal for me to stick to Dr. Brown approved foods. My family enjoys {read: is addicted to} the grain and sugar-filled breakfast choices, […]

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Featured Recipe: Hazelnut Raisin Green Bean Sauté

Veggies, while a crucial part of a healthy diet, get a bad rap for being boring and lacking flavor. But when prepared the right way, they […]

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Featured Recipe: Paleo Chocolate Covered Strawberry Smoothie

Happy New Year!! I hope 2016 is off to an amazing start for you. If you are like Celia and me (and most Americans around the […]

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