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Hey guys, Just wanted to do an updated video explaining who we are and what we are about to use as a resource for a people […]

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Essential Oils & Homeopathics

We get many questions regarding the use, effectiveness and safety of using Essential Oils by themselves and combined with Homeopathics.  In this video, Dr. Brown explains […]

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Don’t let seasonal allergies get you down!!

I think Spring has finally made its way to Dallas for good, and the warm temperatures and beautiful flowers sure are refreshing after an unusually long and […]

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Just had to share!

Hey guys, Check it out! And go get yourself a kit!

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Tips to Combat Fatigue and Increase Energy … Naturally! (PART II)

Hey everyone! So as promised here is Part II of Dr. Brown’s vlog titled “Tips to Combat Fatigue and Increase Energy… Naturally!” This whole section is […]

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Tips to Combat Fatigue and Increase Energy… Naturally!

This month’s topic is of particular interest to me being that I am one of those crazy mommies who keeps insanely long hours {wait, isn’t that […]

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Vlog: How to Give the Kit to Kids

Hey all! So here is a video for you all showing you how easy it is to administer the products in the kit to children. I have to […]

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Video Blog: The Immune Support System

So here is the surprise I was talking about! I hope you enjoy our very first vlog (video blog) and get your questions answered about the […]

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