Featured Recipe: Cranberry Brussel Sprouts

Celia hit a home run with this tasty recipe. The combination of nuts, cranberries, maple syrup, feta cheese, and Brussel sprouts creates a side that is […]

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Featured Recipe: Creamy Cauliflower Soup

A few weeks ago my family and I enjoyed this awesome meal at Sugarbacon in Downtown, McKinney. If you are local to DFW and haven’t eaten […]

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A Healthy Thanksgiving to Remember

Hi friends! So this week I asked Celia to cook my family a Thanksgiving Turkey so we could share a unique recipe with our fans. Not […]

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Featured Recipe: Sweet Potato Carrot Soufflé

Need something unique to bring to Thanksgiving Dinner this year? This Sweet Potato Carrot Soufflé is the perfect dish! Packed full of tasty buttery goodness, this […]

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The Best Way to Cook Vegetables!

I’m not gonna lie … getting my children to eat enough vegetables each day is a struggle! And honestly, I can empathize with their lack of […]

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Featured Recipe: Pecan Crusted Trout

I’m just going to be real and say that fish is not usually my (or my kids’) preferred choice of protein. But this unique recipe may […]

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Featured Recipe: Giant Caramel Cookie

One of my favorite places to eat is BJ’s Brewhouse because of their cast iron skillet cookies they serve! (Shhh… don’t tell Dr. Brown I still […]

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Your Favorite Sides Without the Starch: 7 Unique Cauliflower Recipes

If you have ever tried eating paleo {or paleo-ish}, you have probably encountered some interesting recipes that substitute cauliflower for traditional starchy carbs or vegetables. It […]

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