Celia’s Journey: Journal Entry 1

The first week has come and gone. My how time goes by so quickly. I started eating paleo and the Dr. Brown Diet again, and my goodness the struggle is real. Anyone who ever said staying on the straight and narrow was easy, well they are a big (probably not so thick) fibber. When you create a habit of eating not so healthy and over indulging in each and every thing your little heart could desire, it’s no easy task to cut it out cold turkey. I did struggle this week and caught my self finding a way to make my bad choices acceptable. This was me:


Bad choices are not acceptable for me right now. I have to commit 100% to be able to break the habit. They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. The first time I started the Dr. Brown diet, I gave it 100% for two full weeks…then as my dad put it, “threw myself from the Empire State Building.” It was easy to get back on track then because I found myself back in the hospital. I no longer have to worry about that due to my gallbladder being removed. But I could find myself there with diabetes, heart disease and many other weight-related illnesses. I did manage to lose 3 lbs. That’s 48oz. That’s a little chunk off my first goal. And I’m proud of every ounce, but I should have done better. I could have done better. I’m going to start keeping a food journal. I know they say not to weigh yourself everyday, but for me it helps me to stay focused and on track. I can see what my cheats or slip-ups cost me.  What are some of the things that help you? I need a go-to “indulgent snack,” so this week I’m bringing you something sweet and special. Hope you enjoy and look forward to updating you on my progress. Stay healthy my friends!

Kristen Barkley
Kristen Barkley
Kristen is a happily married mom to four beautiful and active children and is the co-founder of Marpé Wellness. She has a BBA in Marketing from the University of Houston and completed extensive coursework in the areas of nutrition and fitness. She is excited to be putting her education to use in an industry that she is passionate about where she can help others live a healthier and happier life.

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