Sleep Tips to Keep you from Turning into a Grinch this Holiday

Written by Julie Paiva, CHHC


Everyone is busier during the holidays.  It is a wonder with all to prepare for, put together and attend that we get any sleep from Thanksgiving to New Years.  The extra tasks on our to-do list are usually intended to bring us holiday cheer, but often do quite the opposite.  If we are running ourselves ragged, then we can end up more like the Grinch then jolly old Saint Nick.  Follow some of these tips to help you get the sweet, deep slumber that you so badly need during all the holiday craze.


Keep your regular sleep schedule


It is easy to want to stay up late to get some extra things done or visit with family and friends. But all those late nights can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule.  As hard as it may seem, try to keep as close to your regular sleep schedule as much as you can.  Sure, it’s ok to stay up a little late during the holidays, but try to limit it to one hour after your normal bed time.  This will leave you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed while you visit with loved ones instead of grumpy like old Ebenezer Scrooge.


Keep exercising


While your schedule becomes full with holiday festivities, you may be tempted to take a few days off from your normal exercise routine.  Don’t fall into that trap.  Exercise is not only great for your body and mind, it also is a promoter for good, quality sleep.  It also helps relieve stress which tends to increase during the holidays as well.


Keep eating healthy


Eating healthy can be hard when much of the holidays are centered around food.  Certain types of foods can keep you from sleeping soundly.  Foods high in sugar and caffeine can keep you awake longer at night.  Foods high in processed carbs can leave you feeling sluggish during the day.  So when presented with the holiday buffet, try to fill up on vegetables and lean meats and limit sugar, carbs, and caffeine. Sticking to the Dr. Brown Diet as closely as possible is a great way to stay on track.


Power down before bed


Turn off all electronics at least an hour before bedtime.  All electronics emit a light similar to daylight.  Our brains are tricked by the light as it associates it with daytime.  This can cause a delay in the production of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep.


If you can follow some of these tips, you will soon be dancing with sugar plums in your head.  The holidays will go smoother, and you will get to enjoy the moments instead of counting the minutes till you get to catch up on rest.

Julie Paiva
Julie Paiva
Julie is a nutritional counselor with a degree in Holistic Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree from Central Connecticut State University in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Science from Southern Connecticut State University. She has been giving one-on-one coaching sessions ever since earning her degree in 2013 and is passionate about helping others implement a holistic lifestyle!

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