Hydration 101: Why Water Consumption is So Important

Written by LeighAnne Maloy, our Reboot21 Trainer

Water! Yes! It is a necessity to our body! We need it to survive!

Why do we need to drink water? Well, it nourishes our brain, lubricates our joints, maintains our normal body temperature, and helps our body rid itself of waste through perspiration, bowel movements and urination. That’s just a small list of reasons that helps us understand why hydration is so important.

Think of the body like a fishtank!

When we are dehydrated, we cause our systems to become less efficient. Hydration is actually a higher priority for our body than eating food. It’s kind of like water in a fish tank. When the water is full and at the level needed, the tank stays cleaner, the filters work better, and the entire system continues to be a smooth running machine. Someone who is dehydrated makes their machine work harder which in turn causes damage.  When you don’t provide enough water and you develop a dehydrated system, you are actually reducing the amount of blood in your body. When this happens your heart (your engine) works harder to deliver oxygen to your cells and muscles. This can set your system up for failure.

Watch out for these symptoms!

Feeling thirsty is your body’s response to needing water. That is the early stage of dehydration, which, can then be followed by headache, muscle fatigue and cramping along with stomach aches and dizziness.  Someone severely dehydrated will become lethargic and soon begin vomiting. It is important to give your body what it needs to work to its best ability and avoid these dangerous symptoms.

Make sure and get enough for optimal hydration!

Did you know that water is in many fruits and veggies along with other beverages? Our water intake isn’t set to 8 glasses per day. Eight glasses a day is a great goal, but note that water from other sources counts as well. A good rule of thumb is to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day (depending on body size and activity level) plus eat plenty of vegetables and some fruit throughout the day.

Note (especially for those who are active): when you notice excessive sweating or urination, it is important to replenish what has been lost.

Keeping your body hydrated goes right along with healthy eating, exercise and getting enough sleep. All of these combined make our body a smooth running, strong machine! Treat your body well, and it will do great things in return for you!

Now go get you a gulp!


LeighAnne Maloy
LeighAnne Maloy
Leigh Anne is a professional personal trainer certified in fitness and sports nutrition. She has been training and empowering woman in the North Dallas area for the past 6 years with Texas Fit Chicks and has recently partnered with Marpé as the online trainer for our 3 week program, Reboot21. Teaching others how to live well through nutrition and exercise is more than just a job for Leigh Anne… It’s her passion.

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