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Reboot your metabolism in just 3 WEEKS by following the paleo-inspired Dr. Brown Diet and implementing a simple in-home exercise regimen. We've created the plan. You put in the work. Together we will help you meet your goals!

Many experts believe success in weight loss and weight management is 80% diet and 20% exercise. If this is true, so many of us neglect to focus on the main thing. At Marpé Wellness, we believe that a diet free of pro-inflammatory foods such as grains, corn, soy, cow dairy, and processed sugar will not only stabilize your blood sugar, optimize your metabolism, and initiate proper digestion, but it will also promote a healthy weight! So as a part of Reboot21, our resident Nutrition Cheerleader used our database of recipes that follow the Dr. Brown Diet to compile three weeks of meal plans and grocery lists.

Meet Your Nutrition Cheerleader: Kristen Barkley

Kristen is the co-founder of Marpé Wellness and has been promoting a healthy diet and holistic lifestyle for the past 5 years through her website and nutritional products. From an early age all the way through high school, Kristen played many sports including soccer, basketball, track, gymnastics, and competitive cheer. This active lifestyle fueled her passion for living well, and in college she became interested in how nutrition works hand-in-hand with exercise for optimal wellness.

During her undergraduate years while earning her BBA in Marketing at the University of Houston, she completed extensive coursework in the areas of nutrition and fitness. After graduation, it was actually the Clinical Nutrition program at UT Southwestern that brought her to the Dallas area over 10 years ago. After completing one year, she learned she had a surprise baby on the way and decided to take a break from the program and focus on her family instead. Unfortunately, she never went back to finish that degree and certification, but her desire to help others live a healthy and happy life never left her. Years later she partnered with her brilliant natural doctor, Dr. David Brown, to bring you everything Marpé has to offer.

Kristen is happily married, and she and her husband, John Paul, have four beautiful and active children, Joshua, Ashtyn, Everett, and Brooks.

While critical to a healthy lifestyle, a clean diet will still only get you so far. At some point to see the results you want, you MUST get up and exercise! Let's get MOVING!

With life moving at what feels like hyper-speed, we understand that it can be near impossible to get to the gym these days. So with that in mind, we have come up with an in-home exercise regimen that will fit YOUR schedule. With Reboot21, you gain access to twelve professionally-created online work-outs + a list of fun activities to get the whole family moving and burning calories without even realizing it! Implementing 25-30 minute work-outs four times a week will help provide a framework for your body to get strong and fit!

Meet Your Trainer: Leigh Anne Maloy, CPT

Leigh Anne is a professional personal trainer certified in fitness and sports nutrition. She has been training and empowering woman in the North Dallas area for the past 6 years with Texas Fit Chicks. It has been her joy to watch her clients transform their bodies and minds through her bootcamp-style fitness classes. Teaching others how to live well through nutrition and exercise is more than just a job for Leigh Anne… It’s her passion.

This active lifestyle extends beyond just Leigh Anne to her entire family.  Both she and her husband, Paul, enjoy the outdoors and can often be found on the lake challenging themselves with different water sports. And when not on the soccer field or in the pool, their two beautiful daughters, Danika and Devynn, spend most of their time in the gym training as competitive gymnasts.

Leigh Anne is excited to partner with Marpé on this project and offer her expertise to help our clients take their wellness goals to the next level.

Not only will we help you implement a healthy diet and a simple exercise regimen, but we will also be there to coach you every step of the way through an online community made up of like-minded individuals who will provide support, encouragement, and inspiration.

Most everyone agrees that if you eat right and exercise that you can reach your wellness goals. Unfortunately that is easier said than done especially in this day and age of over-commitment, stress, and convenience foods. This is why accountability is such an important factor to any wellness program. Like the age-old adage says, “we are better together!” So with Reboot21 not only do you have Kristen and Leigh Anne there to support you, you will also be apart of an online community through Facebook. In this group, you will be able to ask any questions that arise during your journey, exchange notes and tips from fellow Reboot21 members, and even join in on weekly challenges for prizes and bragging rights!

Are you ready to take action today?

Join Reboot21 where you will reset your metabolism and regain your life.

Today’s the day. Let’s do this together. Because let’s face it… we ARE better together!

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