Gaining Inspiration

Written By Julie Paiva, CHHC


If you are feeling stuck and uninspired when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, take comfort in the fact that it happens to everyone from time to time. You CAN get out of this slump. Inspiration plays a key role in our lives – propelling us forward in our dreams, awakening us to our unlimited potential, and evoking greater creativity and innovation within us. Sometimes things in our life can make us feel frustrated keeping us from doing the things for ourselves that we know we should. You don’t always have to dig deep into your own soul to get inspired. You can turn to those you see as similar to yourself or, even better, those you see as personifying the inspirational goals you would like to achieve.


Here is a selection of wellness quotes. Allow these motivational and informative quotes to lift you to your highest potential.


“When you start eating food without labels, you no longer need to count calories.”

-Amanda Kraft


“Let’s build wellness rather than treating disease.”

-Dr. Bruce Daggy


“Sugar is eight times more addictive as cocaine.”

-Dr. Mark Hyman


“The foods we eat impact our wellbeing, not just on a cellular level, but on a whole life level – how we feel, how much energy we have, how strong we are, how capable we can be.”

-Dr. Axe


“Our bodies are not meant to deal with fake food.”

-Tim Ryan


“Let’s pay the farmer, not the pharmacist.”

-Paul Coletta


“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.”

-Julia Child


“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”

-Thomas Edison


“A healthy outside starts from the inside.”

-Robert Urich


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”



“If you think the pursuit of health is expensive and time consuming, try illness.”

-Lee Swanson


“Everyday do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.”

-Doug Firebaugh


“Be good to your body and your body will be good to you.”

-Crista Grasso


“Living a healthier life is more than losing weight, it’s about losing the mindset that got you there in the first place.”

-Elle Sommer


“Mindful eating is a way to become reacquainted with the guidance of our internal nutritionist.”

-Jan Chozen Bays


“Instead of indulging in comfort food, indulge in comfort meditation, comfort journaling, comfort walking, comfort talking, comfort manicures, comfort reading, comfort yoga and comfort hugging.”

-Karen Salmansohn


“Self-care is so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

-Eleanor Brown


“I really regret eating healthy today.”



Hopefully, these quotes will help motivate you to stay the course and/or take you to the next level in your wellness journey. I encourage you to pick one or two of your favorites, jot them down on a sticky note, and post that note somewhere you can see it often throughout the day.

Julie Paiva
Julie Paiva
Julie is a nutritional counselor with a degree in Holistic Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree from Central Connecticut State University in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Science from Southern Connecticut State University. She has been giving one-on-one coaching sessions ever since earning her degree in 2013 and is passionate about helping others implement a holistic lifestyle!

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