Reboot21 Snack & Beverage Ideas

In order to stabilize your blood sugar, optimize your metabolism, and improve digestion and hydration, it is important that you eat healthy Dr. Brown approved snacks every two hours in between meals and drink eight (8 oz) glasses of spring water away from food. Below, we give ideas on the types of snacks and beverages you should keep on hand as well as a few brand name products.



  • Fruit With Nut Butter (ex. apple slices with cashew butter)
  • Raw Veggies With Nut Butter or Paleo Ranch (like the one by Primal Kitchen)
  • Dr. Brown Approved Grass-fed Jerky (we like Epic brand)
  • Boiled or Deviled Eggs
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Avocados
  • Guacamole with Siete Brand Tortilla Chips
  • Goat or Sheep Yogurt With or Without Fruit (Redwood Hill Farm and Bellwether Farms are both good options)
  • Sprouted Nuts (as long as intestinal irritation doesn’t occur)
  • Spring Water
  • Organic Coffee or Tea
    • no more than 2 cups
    • consumed before noon
    • unsweetened or lightly sweetened with organic raw local honey or pure maple syrup
    • mixed with goat milk, coconut milk, or pasture butter instead of cow dairy products if desired
  • Whole Fruit Smoothies (not juice)
  • Raw goat milk

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