Immune Support System

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Stay well this winter with this comprehensive kit containing four powerful and unique products! The Immune Support System combines four different natural therapies and includes our Homeopathic FormulaHerbal FormulaNasal Spray and Nutritional Formula


The Immune Support System is a professionally formulated combination therapy kit including our Homeopathic Formula, Herbal Formula, Nasal Spray and Nutritional Formula. These products, when used together as a system, provide a synergistic effect to support immune system function during times of acute stress such as a cold, flu, or other self-limiting condition.

3 reviews for Immune Support System

  1. Sjh1448

    This nature kit helped my husband and me kick multiple illness that were going around the first year we tried it (2014-2015). We would either not get sick at all or we would only get mild symptoms that wouldn’t last more than a day or two.

    In 2015-2016, I was really good about taking the nature kit and didn’t get sick at all.

    This year I slacked on taking it and ended up sick twice! The second time was just a cold, but the first illness shut me down for several days and lasted a long time and was pretty uncomfortable.

    I started taking the nature kit again and felt better than ever within a couple days. I am committed to taking the nature kit each winter now. It’s pricey, but the the cost of getting sick is so much higher (time, doctor appointments and meds).

  2. April Willingham (verified owner)

    We haven’t ever had a flu shot. We have taken this kit for the last few years during flu season and even when everyone was getting sick around us we managed to keep from catching anything other than on one occasion. Even when my daughter was sick, the kit helped her to fight it off within two days. Highly recommend having the NatureKit on hand especially before cold and flu season hits your home!

  3. Victoria Sarvadi

    Works every time!

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