Fall Produce: A Refresher on Autumn’s Seasonal Fruits and Veggies

Written By Julie Paiva, CHHC   It’s seasonal eating check-in time.  Seasonal food is produce that is purchased and consumed around the time that it is […]

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Three Habits to Avoid Summer Bloat and Weight Gain

Written By Julie Paiva, CHHC   Traditional summertime foods can leave us puffy, bloated, and uncomfortable. Hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salads, sweet tea and ice cream are […]

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Cool off with Summer Seasonal Produce

Written By Julie Paiva, CHHC   Summer brings us many beautiful fruits and vegetables.  Beyond their nutritious benefits seasonal summer produce often has cooling affects on […]

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Farmers’ Market Season: How and Why to Shop Local Produce

Written by Julie Paiva, CHHC   One great thing about spring is the return of farmers’ markets. There’s nothing better than admiring local produce from various […]

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The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen

Written by Julie Paiva, CHHC We have all heard that eating organic is best for our bodies and our planet.  Most people would love to buy […]

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Eating Seasonally, Buying Locally

Written by Julie Paiva, CHHC Each of the four seasons offer a new selection of beautiful produce for us to eat.  The theory behind seasonal eating […]

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Phrases to Look for When Shopping Paleo

Committing to eating a paleo-inspired diet like the Dr. Brown diet or the Whole30 can feel a lot like learning a whole new language. Considering these […]

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