Endurance Blast III


Endurance Blast III is a workout designed to improve your cardiovascular health and endurance using interval training. If you have joint issues, you may want to stick to grass vs. pavement. Complete 5 rounds of each set before moving on to the next. Recover as needed.

For optimal results, keep your heart rate in the fat-burning zone by exercising at a level thats right for you throughout the work-out.

*Note: Always listen to your body and modify exercise for your current fitness level. Beginners should start slow and can walk in place if at any point the exercise is too much. High intensity exercise is contraindicated for those with chronic illness or adrenal fatigue. If this is you and if after talking to your doctor, you are released to start exercising, please use beginner modifications and only push yourself to low or moderate intensity. You may also opt for our lower intensity "Basic Body Burn" workouts.


Outside stretch of open even grass or pavement
Stop watch/timer
Supportive Shoes
Heart rate monitor, optional


100 high knees
75 jumping jacks
50 mountain climbers
20 squat jumps


*Minimum 30 seconds per stretch
Sitting hamstring stretch
Butterfly groin stretch (no bouncing)
Lying hip stretch
Standing quad stretch
Standing calf stretch
Additional stretches as needed


10 walking lunges
10 squat jumps
10-20 second sprint
Butt kick back

Repeat 5 times


10 pushup
10 plank jacks
50 high knees (moving forward)
Butt kick back

Repeat 5 times


10 v-ups
10 reverse crunches
50 mountain climbers
20 butt kicks

Repeat 5 times


10 long jumps
10 star jumps
Side shuffle out 10 then back 10
20 air squats

Repeat 5 times


Cool Down

Walk slowly for 2-4 minutes (hands above the head if needed.)

Repeat Stretch

Add extra stretches as desired. Check out this chart for additional stretches.

All Done!

You did it! Great work. Make sure and drink plenty of water!

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