Cardio Blast


Cardio Blast is a full body work-out designed to get your heart rate pumping and kick your body into fat-burning mode all while increasing your strength and endurance. If you’re a true beginner, speed walk instead of run where appropriate and make necessary modifications to ensure that your heart rate stays in the optimal zone.

For optimal results, keep your heart rate in the fat-burning zone by exercising at a level thats right for you throughout the work-out.

*Note: Always listen to your body and modify exercise for your current fitness level. Beginners should start slow and can walk in place if at any point the exercise is too much. High intensity exercise is contraindicated for those with chronic illness or adrenal fatigue. If this is you and if after talking to your doctor, you are released to start exercising, please use beginner modifications and only push yourself to mild or moderate intensity (by going slower and/or decreasing reps). You may also opt for our lower intensity "Basic Body Burn" workouts.


Outside stretch of open even grass or pavement OR treadmill
Stop watch/timer
Supportive Shoes
Heart rate monitor, optional


20 sec jumping jacks
20 sec high knees
20 sec mountain climbers
20 sec squats
20 sec butt kicks
20 sec skater hops


*Minimum 30 seconds per stretch
Sitting hamstring stretch
Butterfly groin stretch (no bouncing)
Lying hip stretch
Standing quad stretch
Standing calf stretch

Set 1

30 sec long jumps
10 sec break
30 sec butt kicks
10 sec break
30 sec squat jumps (modify to step squat, side to side)
10 sec break
30 sec burpees (modify to walk back, no jump)
Recover 1 min.

Set 2

Speed walk, jog, or run for 30 seconds
Walk 30 seconds
Repeat 4 more times.

Set 3

High knee skips for 40 seconds
Speed walk or jog back
Recover 20 seconds.
Repeat until 6 minutes is reached.

Set 4

100 high knees
50 air squats
25 jumping jacks
Repeat 2 more times.

Set 5

Speed walk or jog for 30 seconds
5 burpees (modified if needed)
Walk 30 seconds.
Repeat until 5 minutes is reached.

Set 6

Repeat your favorite set!

Cool Down

2 min walk in place (hands above the head if needed)

Repeat Stretch

Add extra stretches as desired.
Check out this chart for additional stretches.

All Done!

You did it! Great work.
Make sure and drink plenty of water!

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