Creating a Morning Ritual: How to Start Your Day Off Right

Written By Julie Paiva, CHHC


Are you an “early riser” or does it take everything inside of you to drag yourself out of bed in the morning?  Life can get crazy. It’s often hard to find any moments to spare in your busy schedule. If you’re always rushing around in the morning, it’s difficult to imagine being able to spare any time to have a quiet moment.  It is often said, “The early bird gets the worm.”  But just because you might prefer to get up early doesn’t mean that you are productive.  Being an effective early riser isn’t just about waking up before everyone else.  It is about putting yourself in a positive mindset and getting important things done before everyone else is awake.  You can also take this time to treat yourself with some self-care time.  Who wouldn’t have a great day after showing their self some healthy attention?


Create a Game Plan


It may not be easy for some of you to wake up a little earlier. However, you will likely be able to change that if you develop and stick to these suggestions. First of all, to be the most productive, it’s best to come up with a game plan the night before.  Make a list of what you wish to accomplish and lay out whatever you need so it is ready when you wake up. This all sounds pretty simple, but when you’re getting home at night, it’s very tempting to just crash on the sofa and leave all the thinking for tomorrow.


Enjoy a Peaceful Breakfast


How often do you get to sit down and eat a quiet health meal?  May times we are eating on the run.  Often grabbing something quick on our way to work and stuffing it down our face while driving.  Wouldn’t it be nice to actually sit in a quiet place and chew your food before swallowing?  I like to even light a candle while I enjoy my quiet breakfast time.  This is also where a little preparation the night before can come in handy.  Chop up your veggies for your omelet or prepare your paleo pancake batter.  Marpe has some great healthy breakfast options.


Get Your Exercise On


Morning can be a great time to exercise.  By starting the day with exercise, you’ll prevent yourself from putting it off later.  It can also boost your energy level and leave you with a feeling of joy and pride during the day for a great thing checked off your self-care list.


Put on a Positive Mindset


Practicing mindfulness isn’t a waste of time. Try to reserve a few minutes for silent contemplation at the start of every day. You can use those peaceful moments to pray, meditate, envision your future success, or reflect on what you’re grateful for — whatever works for you. That short pause can put you in a great mindset for the rest of the day.


Work on Personal Projects


Do you have a creative project or long-term work project at home that needs your undivided attention?  The quiet hours of the morning can be the ideal time to focus on important projects without being interrupted. Plus pending time on it at the beginning of the day ensures that it gets your complete attention before others start calling for it – kids, spouse, employees, boss or friends.  These types of projects can easily get put on the back burner when you’ve been working all day, are tired and hungry, must figure out what’s for dinner and your family is calling for your attention. That’s why many successful people put in an hour or so on their personal projects before they officially start their days.


Check out the following article, “6 Morning Rituals of Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Oprah, and Other Successful Leaders,” to see how some celebrities spend their mornings.


In the world we live in, it’s easy to burn the candle at both ends and find yourself in a constant state of exhaustion. Many of us find it difficult to get out of bed in the mornings, hitting “snooze” repeatedly before rushing out the door to start a 12-hour day. As hard as it may seem to think about getting up an hour earlier, it will make a difference in your overall day.  Start small if needed.  The first week just get up 15 minutes early and each week there after add another 15 minutes. Creating a morning routine when you have that special time for yourself will help you to feel better each day.  In no time you will feel your mood improve, have more energy and be more productive.

Julie Paiva
Julie Paiva
Julie is a nutritional counselor with a degree in Holistic Health Coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree from Central Connecticut State University in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Science from Southern Connecticut State University. She has been giving one-on-one coaching sessions ever since earning her degree in 2013 and is passionate about helping others implement a holistic lifestyle!

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