Since every Reboot21 member will have a different family/work/school situation, we opted not to provide a meal plan for breakfast or lunch, but instead to equip you with knowledge and ideas on how to eat Dr. Brown approved meals all day long. Below you will find 10 of our favorite recipes on our site to eat for lunch as well as some staple grocery items to keep on hand, so that you can ensure you always have a Dr. Brown approved option available.

Option 7

Option 8

Leftover Turkey Tacos (sub chicken if desired)

Staple Lunch Grocery Items

  • Canned Wild-Caught Tuna
  • Canned Organic Chunk Chicken Breast
  • Organic, Pasture-Raised Eggs
  • Grilled Chicken Breasts
  • Large Tub of Salad Greens
  • Paleo Mayonnaise
  • Organic Avocados

*Leftovers, when available, make the perfect go-to lunch option! Having leafy greens on hand can stretch your leftovers since many dinner entrées can be served on top of lettuce to make a hearty salad. Be sure to minimize waste and save money, time, and effort by utilizing and stretching your leftovers! The tuna, chicken, and egg salad recipes are great to make at the beginning of the week and have on hand as lunch options multiple times throughout the week.

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